The best microwave to buy 2021 is an essential purchase that you must consider very carefully before buying. You will need to know what best microwaves are on the market, their best features, how much they cost, and most importantly, which one best fits your needs, so you spend money correctly.

We have tested various microwaves to find the best microwaves that are on the market today. There are various microwave ovens available for purchase in 2021, so we have analyzed them all to provide you with accurate information about how they perform, what features they include, their cost, and which one is the best overall

Here are the 10 best microwaves available to buy in 2021

1. Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor

Toshiba is a popular manufacturer of numerous electronic devices and appliances, so it is no surprise that they also produce some great microwaves. The Toshiba EM131A5C-SS features an The interior of the cabin is well lit with a bright light that turns on as soon as you open your door. easy to clean interior with an excellent exterior that is very lightweight and portable.
This best microwave also consists of an excellent digital display where users can quickly see all of their cooking settings along with a nice clock and timer. Lastly, this high-end best microwave features the ability to turn on sound alerts if you choose.
It has an excellent power rating of 1100 watts, giving it great power for quick heating times. It is beneficial when cooking things like popcorn, where having enough energy for evenly cooked kernels is essential. It can defrost by weight or time with this best microwave and includes an automatic cooking menu. There is also child lock capability, and it can be installed in any space, whether on the counter or under the cabinet.


  • The portable, yet durable design makes it easy to take on your trips
  • The microwave oven’s light shines brightly when you open it to see how hot or cold your food is.
  • Includes an excellent digital display where users can quickly see all of their cooking settings along with a nice clock and timer


  • Quite expensive but includes many best features for this price range

2.BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave Oven

The best microwave oven should be easy to use, safe for all ages, and can cook food quickly without burning it. It has lots of helpful features that will make your life easier with delicious results. It is best for anyone that wants to do more than warm their food, and it will cook your food fast and healthily.
Fill this best microwave oven with the best ingredients from the best food from trusted brands that deliver tasty, healthy meals. With a digital screen, you can quickly see how much time is left for your meal to be ready. The black stainless-steel exterior looks great in any modern kitchen and can fit with most decors.
The best microwave oven can easily fit an 11-inch dinner plate or 10-inch pizza and is made of high-quality materials to last for years of use.

It is the best microwave to buy for anyone that wants the modern best microwave oven. It will make cooking more fun and save you time. Cooking fast is not the only feature this best microwave oven offers, and it also has a kitchen timer and expresses buttons for how much time to cook your meal


  • Includes 10 power settings to make sure your food is cooked evenly
  • Removable turntable for easy cleaning
  • “Add 30 Seconds” button lets you cook quickly with one touch of a button
  • It has a timeless design and many helpful features for cooking


  • It may not be powerful enough for some people’s needs
  • There are no extra features such as a reheat function or an automatic shut-off when food is ready.

3.Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S Stainless Steel

The Panasonic NN-SN686S is a top microwave oven for your kitchen that will handle all of the cooking needs you have throughout your day. This top microwave oven features inverter technology that allows you to even cook throughout the day. With the Genius Sensor, this microwave oven will analyze your foods and automatically adjust time and power to make cooking easier. It also has a Smart Inverter which reduces cooking time without compromising quality.
The inverter technology can provide up to 30% more power by controlling the level of microwave energy. The Smart Inverter also provides consistent cooking results and requires less maintenance than traditional inverters.
The Panasonic NN-SN686S is a powerful microwave oven with a 1.2 cubic foot capacity and 1200 watts. This amazing kitchen appliance can handle all of your cooking needs, no matter how large or small they may be. It has ten power levels and five different functions, including defrost, bagel, potato, pizza, and reheat. This microwave oven is perfect for any busy kitchen and has a child lock safety feature to prevent children from changing settings.


  • Large capacity of 1.2 cubic feet
  • Genius Sensor adjusts time and power automatically to cook food thoroughly without overcooking or undercooking
  • The smart inverter reduces cooking time without compromising quality.
  • It has a child lock safety feature which prevents children from changing settings.


  • It’s a little more expensive than similar microwave ovens.

4.BLACK+DECKER EM031MB11 Digital Microwave Oven

Black & Decker digital microwave oven with turntable push-button door has 1000 watts of cooking power to heat your favourite foods quickly. A child safety lock helps prevent little ones from accidentally opening the door, while a 10-digit touchpad with a digital display allows for simple programming of cooking times and power levels. The large 1.1 cubic foot capacity is great for cooking casseroles, frozen dinners, and more.
This microwave oven has six power levels plus six preprogrammed menu options that allow you to cook or reheat most foods with just the touch of a button. The keep-warm function keeps your food warm until everything is ready to eat, while a two-speed, high-power cooling fan and automatic interior lighting ensures fast and even cooking. The digital display is easily removable for quick cleanup. This oven includes a rotating glass turntable and three-speed fan with two one-touch options – popcorn and vegetable.
The stay-put door hinges fix the door to prevent shifting when opening and closing the microwave oven, while the recessed door handle keeps fingers safe from burns. Perfect for bachelor pads and dorm rooms, this Black & Decker microwave oven measures 15-1/5 by 10 by 13 inches (W x H x D) and carries a one-year warranty


  • Push-button door is easier to open than a standard microwave door.
  • It is priced very reasonably for a 1000 watt countertop microwave.
  • The modern black colour option is sleek and does not show fingerprints.


  • Some users complain that this Black and Decker EM031MB11 oven makes a popping sound when heating food, and some say the push button door is difficult for them to open

5. Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) Countertop Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor

Toshiba ML-EM45P(BS) Countertop Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor is a great microwave, and it has many good features that anyone would like in a good microwave. This microwave comes with Smart Sensor technology so that it can reheat your food faster. It has a Sound On/Off function, which you can turn on or off the sound quickly. The Microwave Oven has One-Touch Genius Sensor Cook and Reheat Plus, where you have to press a button to cook without having to look through recipe books or memorize complicated instructions.
The microwave also has a Position Memory Turntable where you can set and save the position of your dish in the turntable to make perfect cooking results every time. It is easy to operate, and it is Energy Star certified to save you money on utilities.
This microwave comes with a stylish black stainless steel finish, and it provides a nice contrast to the bright interior light of the microwave, which illuminates your food perfectly. It has a large 1.6 cu ft capacity, and it is easy to clean because of its smooth surfaces. There is an easy-clean interior that will allow you to wipe down your microwave after use without much effort.


  • It has a large capacity.
  • You can reheat your food faster with its Smart Sensor technology.
  • It is easy to clean because of its sleek exterior and smooth surfaces.
  • This microwave oven is Energy Star certified, so it will use less electricity and save you money in the long run.
  • It comes with a stylish black stainless steel finish that will give your kitchen that industrial look.
  • The microwave is easy to operate, and it will provide you tasty cooking results every time.


  • Since the microwave is very sleek and sturdy, it may be challenging to fit everything on its turntable. If not placed correctly, your food may not be able to cook evenly.

6. SHARP Stainless Steel Carousel 1.8 Cu. Ft. 1100W Countertop Microwave Oven

The compact Sharp 1.8 cubic ft microwave oven has a stainless steel carousel inside to make it easy for you to get the food in and out of the microwave. It’s 0.9 inches thin, so it can fit almost anywhere in your kitchen without taking up too much space.
This microwave has a six-digit touchpad, an LED display with a digital clock and timer, power levels up to 1100 watts, ten auto cook menu items, including popcorn, pizza, and potatoes. It has four cooking categories that will allow you to prepare food quickly, like seafood or beverages. It also includes a removable glass turntable with a built-in front ledge to support taller items.
This microwave oven is quite famous for home use with all sorts of customers, from college students to professionals looking for a simple-to-use, inexpensive microwave oven that doesn’t skimp on power, quality, or features. It also uses less electricity than older microwaves and is a quiet operation. Customers have been happy with the price of this microwave oven, as well as how quickly it can reheat food, pop popcorn, and cook frozen dinners.


  • Stainless-steel exterior looks great in any kitchen
  • Great for small spaces
  • Cooks food evenly and quickly
  • Easy to clean


  • The touchpad is difficult to read

7. Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN936B Black Countertop with Inverter Technology

Running at 100% power, this microwave oven cooks faster than any conventional microwave, thanks to Panasonic’s exclusive inverter technology. In less time, you’ll get delicious results with inverter technology that works by evenly generating microwaves over the food you’re cooking instead of producing static power.
This Panasonic microwave oven comes with Panasonic’s inverter-exclusive sensor technology that calculates the optimal time for your food based on what you’ve put into it. The result? Food that comes out perfectly cooked every time.
Additionally, this microwave oven features a fan-cooled motor so you can cook multiple dishes at once with no added heat in your kitchen. Plus, it’s got Sensor cooking functions for things like popcorn, pizza, and beverages that do the work for you, so you can enjoy delicious snacks without having to set the time or power level!
This Panasonic microwave oven also includes several quick functions that allow you to cook, defrost, and warm your food using just one touch. This energy-saving countertop microwave oven automatically calculates the time it takes for each function, so you don’t have to guess or set a timer. You can even press Clear/Off mid-cycle to stop the microwave oven from cooking, so you have more control over your recipes.


  • Smaller countertop oven compared to other full-size microwaves
  • Inexpensive for true inverter technology
  • Sensor abilities make cooking easier


  • Microwave oven is smaller than other full-size models

Notes: This is a very high-quality microwave oven. It takes some time to figure out

8. Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN966S Stainless Steel Countertop

This Panasonic Microwave Oven is an excellent addition to any kitchen. It offers some key features that can make your cooking experiences as easy as possible for you. With the inverter technology, you can be sure that this oven will reach the appropriate temperature quickly and hold it steady. It will also keep your food moist while maintaining the flavour you want.
The genius sensor technology will take all of the guesswork out of cooking by automatically determining how long your food needs to cook, even if you are using different settings. This technology will just know what you need based on how you are cooking your food.
The stainless steel appearance on the outside of this oven offers a sleek look that will go great with almost any kitchen style. It will allow you to prepare some fantastic meals without taking up too much space in your kitchen. The electronic touch controls make it easy to use and also keep it clean, which is a great help when you are in the middle of cooking. You can also prevent splatters with this microwave oven.


  • Inverter technology
  • Genius Sensor technology
  • Stainless steel look is sleek and modern


  • Cooking times might be longer than you expect with some foods

9. Samsung MS14K6000AS/AA MS14K6000

Samsung’s MS14K6000AS/AA, a speed-cooking microwave oven, is a great balance between price and features. Its 1.4 cubic feet of cooking space provide the room you need to cook dinner for your whole family or to reheat multiple dishes at once quickly. The 15 power levels let you cook delicate meats, hearty vegetables, and everything in between. With several add-ons, such as a power defrost setting and the One Touch Genius sensor, this speed-cooking microwave oven is equipped to take on all of your cooking needs.
Sensor Cook automatically adjusts cooking time to cook perfect results every time. The sensor technology senses both moisture and temperature to provide optimal heating at the right moments during the cooking cycle for food that is cooked evenly, thoroughly, and quickly. In addition, it offers 10 power levels and a convenient 30-second add time function.
The exclusive Triple Distribution System uses the right combination of the back, bottom, and side heating elements to deliver optimal heat distribution for cooking more evenly and thoroughly.


  • Sensor Cook automatically adjusts cooking time
  • Ceramic Enamel Interior is scratch resistant and easy to clean
  • Sensor Cook automatically adjusts cooking time for perfect results every time
  • Fingerprint Resistant


  • This microwave is only available in black and stainless steel
  • No turntable; no child lock

10. Toshiba ML-EM34P(SS) Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

This oven allows you to safely and efficiently warm up your favourite dishes and drinks with the press of a button! The Toshiba Microwave Oven is great for microwaving food and help in cooking many other items, including pastries, bacon, eggs, and more. This microwave oven is equipped to handle even the most cumbersome of items because it comes with a unique rack accessory to make sure you put things away safely without breaking them! Stainless steel can be used for both convenience and durability.
The stainless steel design is easy to clean and built to last within your kitchen. The microwave includes a removable glass turntable that will rotate your food around for even cooking. Don’t have time to stand at the oven? No problem, this oven can be voice-activated with Amazon Alexa (Alexa device sold separately).
Besides, the microwave comes with a humidity sensor that allows you to take advantage of the cooking options. The oven size is perfect for any countertop, and it comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Adjustable cooking power
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Can be voice-activated with Amazon Alexa


  • Longer cook times for certain foods when using the innovative features

* Note: Best Microwave 2021

At the end of this article, we conclude that all ovens tested ranked above average and outperformed expectations for microwavable food products. All microwaves could cook a frozen dinner with ease, something that was said would be too difficult to accomplish. Even without defrosting the meal beforehand, the frozen dinner was quickly heated up. The foods cooked yielded expected results and no microwaves stood out as being worse than another.

The most expensive microwave did not outperform the least expensive model in all tests (cooking time, internal temperature etc.). This article has attempted to highlight which food types each microwave was best at cooking. With the exception of the most expensive microwave, no model stood out as being significantly better than its peers.

After reviewing the data collected from this experiment, it can be concluded that all microwaves functioned just as their manufacturers claimed. The data recorded showed the most variation between products was in cooking ability, but they could still meet expectations.

After thorough testing of each product, it is safe to say that microwaves are genuinely the best methods for heating food in a short amount of time.

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